Obligation to Support in Times of Distress

Discussing life events whether it is your own or that of another person can be challenging and may invoke a strong emotional reaction.

Should this occur during the interview process you must be prepared to support the person you are interviewing through this time. Some options may include

delay asking any further questions and allow the person enough time to compose themselves as required throughout the interview

offer to move on to other areas of discussion or offer to come back to the questions or area that is causing the emotional distress 

ensure that the person is emotionally prepared to continue the interview or emotionally stable before leaving the person

If they remain emotionally upset, validate their emotions and  offer possible coping strategies

E.g.: "I can see you are very upset. Can we call a family member, friend or neighbor to come and sit with you?”

DO NOT ever leave a person on thier own when there is a risk that they will self-harm always ensure they left with support from a mental health worker, family members or close friends before you leave the interview.