Information to Collect before Interviews

Prior criminal record 

 The Offenders prior Criminal Record assists you with the timeline of matters and also gives you any gaps in the criminal behaviours of the individual.

If there are gaps in the criminal behaviours of the Offender, and it was not during a period of incarceration, then you want to inquire as to why?

This may give you clues as to what works for this Offender and what resources are accessible for the Court to consider.

Synopsis (Summary) of the offence

This is so you can understand what occurred and frame some of your questions around the information or summary of the offence.

This also provides an opportunity for you to obtain the information so as you can determine to some extent why the offence happened and how the Offender feels about it.

"Some Offenders may not recall what happened or what they plead guilty to. If that is the case, advise the Court in the Gladue Report of this.”

Be mindful that at first the Offender may speak as to what happened to ‘them’ and not what they did to another person.

When interviewing, don’t be afraid to merely ask "Why did you do this?”

If the offender has a criminal record there may be a Pre Sentence Report previously prepared for the Court by a Probation Officer. Reviewing this report will also provide you with valuable background information.