Closing Summary

We have complied some of the vignettes you previously watched and ask that you watch them again while considering how justice can be best served to address the over-representation of Aboriginal Canadians appearing before the Courts.

Now that you have had a chance to complete the 3 modules hopefully you have a better understanding of the Canadian Sentencing Principles, Aboriginal Sentencing Principles under Section 718.2 of the Criminal Code and more importantly how the Gladue Sentencing Principles apply to the Aboriginal people across Canada.

We have tried to dispell any misconceptions about the Gladue Sentencing Principles being a "race discount" or an "Aboriginal get out of jail free card", as nothing could be further from the truth. The Canadian Sentencing Principles apply to every Canadian citizen appearing before the Courts but what 718. Section 2(e) does is instruct Judges to consider the unique historical experiencs of Aboriginal people of Canada and to then extend that consideration into how it impacts the beliefs, behaviors and attitudes of the Aboriginal communities, familes and individuals. Applying these considerations would then constitute a fit and just sentence for Aboriginal offenders.

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