Alternatives to Incarceration

If applicable, you want to assure that the Offender will be successful in any possible suggested alternatives to incarceration or post-incarceration restorative programs.

Tell the court what strategies there are to manage the Offenders behaviours

It is clear that sentencing innovation by itself cannot remove the causes of aboriginal offending and the greater problem of aboriginal alienation from the criminal justice system. . . . What can and must be addressed, though, is the limited role that sentencing judges will play in remedying injustice against aboriginal peoples in Canada. Sentencing judges are among those decision-makers who have the power to influence the treatment of aboriginal offenders in the justice system. They determine most directly whether an aboriginal offender will go to jail, or whether other sentencing options may be employed which will play perhaps a stronger role in restoring a sense of balance to the offender, victim, and community, and in preventing future crime.  (R vs Ipeelee 2012)