The Gladue Sentencing Principles information is the collective work of the Tripartite Working Group of the national Aboriginal Court Work Program. The Aboriginal Court Work Program has provided has supported Aboriginal litigants and the Courts in 11 jurisidctions across Canada for the past 45+ years.

The Tripartite Working Group consists of federal, provincial, territorial and non-government Aboriginal service providers. In addition to providing the collective wisdom of the working group, funding for this project was approved by the Working Group through the Aboriginal Court Work Program, Project Fund. 

There is also a need to acknowledge the valuable guidance and work of the Project Team who spent a great deal of time reviewing content, long discussions on teleconference calls and suggesting revisions. Special thanks to;

Mr. Jonathan Rudin, LLB, Executive Director, Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto

Mr. Chris Lafountaine, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Aboriginal Court Work Program

Mr. Rupert Arcand, Director, Yellowhead Tribal Council Community Corrections Society

and finally we would like to acknowledge the good work of our contractors. There patience and support in developing this site is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to

Mr. Bruce Barry J.D: for listening to all our suggestions and then taking it and writing them into a project script.

Achimok Film and Television: for scripting and filming all the the narration and training vignettes.

Mr. Jeff Ward, Project Lead, Animikii Web Design: for patiently answering all of our questions, teaching the Project Team the basics of web design and for developing this great web site.

Without all of the hard work of these committed people the Gladue Sentencing Principles learning site would not have been possible.