Considerations in Sentence

When considering what is a ‘just’ sentence the Court is generally concerned with (a) getting to know who the person is, and (b) what were the circumstances surrounding the offense that the person was just convicted of?

Some of the circumstances of the offender may be relevant if they lead to the offender committing the crime.  So Court Workers need to assist the court in knowing what type of individual the convicted person is?  This may include such things as:

Also the court will want additional information regarding the offenders education, employment, previous criminal record and other supplementary information.  We have set below here, more details regarding this other information.

The Person

The Courts will want to know what kind of person the accused is and will include information such as 



Previous Criminal Record


 Is the person aboriginal?

About the Offence

The court considers if there are any aggravating or mitigating circumstances that will assist the Court in assessing the sentence that would be